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Acne Treatment Gel 50ml

from £5.49
This gel contains Thyme extract which has been shown to be a very effective antibacterial agent. It ..

Emu Body Lotion

from £6.99
This is a luscious and gentle all-over-body lotion. It's wonderfully moisturising for even the most ..

Emu Oil Hand Cream 150ml

from £8.99
Treat your hands with Emu Oil Hand Cream. The Cream contains three of nature's best moisturiser..

Emu Oil Heel Balm

from £5.99
The skin of the feet is particularly prone to drying and cracking. Dead skin can build up making the..

Emu Oil Sugar Body Scrub 250g

from £8.99
Use this gentle moisturising exfoliator to make your skin soft and smooth. It combines Emu Oil ..

Emu Shower Gel

from £6.99
Containing no harsh, irritating petrochemical detergents or preservatives, Emu Shower Gel is very mi..

Emu Skin Cream

from £5.99
This is a gentle soothing and deeply moisturising cream made using Pure Australian Emu Oil with a bl..
Exfoliating Emu Oil Soap

Exfoliating Emu Oil Soap

from £4.99
A rich moisturising soap made with only the finest natural ingredients.  Our own blend of Essen..

Moisturising Emu Oil Soap

from £3.99
This lovely soap is hand-made from pure Australian Emu Oil and Jojoba Oil. It is gently cleansi..

Rosehip Emu Oil

from £3.99
For treating Acne, dry skin, damaged skin, scarring and stretch marks. Rosehip oil and Emu oil ..
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