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Emu Oil Emu Oil

Emu Oil

from £8.99
100% pure triple-refined Emu Oil from AustraliaPure Emu Oil may be used to:Reduce pain and inflammat..

Emu Oil Concentrate

from £11.99
This oil is a concentrated essence of Pure Australian Emu Oil. The Emu Oil is triple refined by..

Emu Oil Lavender

from £9.99
Combining Lavender with Emu Oil gives this product a subtle fragrance and enhanced therapeutic effec..

Emu Oil Plus

from £9.99
This highly effective balm is made from Pure Australian Emu Oil with camphor, menthol and essential ..

Emu Ointment

from £8.99
This lovely ointment is packaged in a 50ml Aluminium pot and is made from Pure Australian Emu Oil wi..

Glucosamine Cream

from £7.99
Glucosamine is a naturally occurring amino-monosaccharide which has been shown to slow the progressi..

Warming Massage Bar

from £5.99
Massage bars are great for applying healing and soothing oils to the skin. They soften in the hands ..
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